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Advanced Seminar Readings

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Advanced Seminar Readings 



Readings for Saturday, 2 pm, October 4. Bernard Baars will be presenting DISCUSSION PAPER A  Global Workspace Interpretation of the MTL-NC system. Baars - DISCUSSION PAPER - Advanced Seminar Oct 4 2008.pdf


(MTL is the medial temporal lobe, which includes the hippocampus. NC is the neocortex, which is the great bulk of human cortex.)


The Baars draft Discussion Paper  should not be cited or quoted; it is still very much in a process of  revision.


For background on the MTL system (the hippocampus and related structure), here is a chapter from Baars & Gage (2007) textbook, Cognition, Brain & Consciousness: An Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience. Baars&Gage_2007_cbc_CH009.pdf


This chapter is copyrighted by Elsevier, Inc. (Academic Press), and should only be used for this seminar. (But you're welcome to buy the book! (:)) ). Chinese and Korean language editions are in the works... . You can find it on the Elsevier textbook website, and on Amazon.com.

Here are some additional pictures that are useful:


 9cH Best Medial Hippos- Vuilleumier Amygdala TICS 2005.jpg


 entorhin = paraHippocampal system - good.jpg


Self-localization in hippo-ento.pdf




Brain rhythms & consciousness. 






Brain Rhythms Reading 1. A great example of "contrastive analysis," comparing conscious vs. unconscious visual perception. The conscious condition showed much more widespread rhythmic brain synchrony than the unconscious condition. This is an important expansion previous work  led by one of the co-authors, Wolf Singer. You can download by clicking on the blue underlined pdf file, below. This article is also available free from the journal. You can also find it on PubMed.


Melloni, L. et al (2007) Synchronization of neural activity across cortical areas correlates with concious perception. Journal of Neuroscience. March.


Conscious vs unconscious perception J_NS2007.pdf


Suggestion: Just read the Abstract a few times, until  you get the idea, and then focus on the Figures and their captions.



Figure showing experimental design: Conscious vs unconscious perception J_NS2007.pdf.jpg


Figure showing results: Conscious vs unconscious perception J_NS2007.pdf-3.jpg



Additional Brain Rhythm articles:



*** JENSEN hippo theta phase locking TICS 2006.pdf


4. Varella et al 2004 Waves of cncs



very high alpha corr temp cort.pdf


*** CH ATTEN & CSNS Engel & Singer Time binding TICS 2001.pdf


Basar Gamma Theta Delta cognitive proc Intl J Psychophysiol2001.pdf


Buszaki Oscill in Cortex SCIENCE200x.pdf


Bressler & Kelso - Coortical coordination - TICS2001.pdf


coherent EEEG multiple band binding C&C2007 Klemm.pdf


COMPETING POPS --- fMRI directed attention SCIENCE Ungerleider Desimone.pdf


D Lehmann EEG gamma meditation Psychiatry Res NI 2001.pdf


Consciousness - Nunez & Srinivasan EEG bk website.tiff


Freeman - 10 Hz phase reset for beta coherence HBMproof.pdf


Freeman Action-Perception Cycle Phase diagram2.pdf



Consciousness & the brain - some broader issues.



Functions of Consciousness.pdf


 Blanke_Out of Body Exp_Nature02.pdf


Criteria - Seth et al 2004.pdf


JCSHow brain rev mind Baars.pdf


Locked in volitional brain NI2007.pdf


Baars & Franklin GW-IDA Summary in NeuralNets2007.pdf


Baars, Subjective not just human.pdf




Schooler - Re-representing csns - TICS2002.pdf


TM research refs - good.pdf


lutz dunne davidson 2006 meditation Cambridge Handbook.pdf






Albert Ellis Irrational Beliefs 1-6.tiff






7. MarilSchacter_TOTfMRI.pdf




Economist - consciousness 2007 out of body.pdf






CH Atten & Csns - Koch Tsuchiya Atten & Csns - TICS2005.pdf






 A way to define group members (for future use)





Animal Consciousness --- a fast-moving field of (re-) discovery...


  1. Marian Stamp Dawkins - Through animal eyes. Marian Stamp Dawkins - animal eyes 2006.pdf
  2. Bernard J. Baars  - Does the platypus dream? Baars Platypus Dreams.pdf
  3. Baars, Subjectivity is not limited to humans. Baars,+Subjective+not+just+human.pdf
  4. Seth et al, Criteria for consciousness in other species. Criteria - Seth et al 2004.pdf
  5. Byrne & Bates, Current Biology, Why animals are cognitive. WhyAnimalsCognitive.pdf
  6. Panksepp, Core emotional feelings in animals and humans. Consciousness & Cognition. Panksepp Core Emotions C&C 2005.pdf
  7. Denton, Thirst as an early conscious feeling. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. PNAS_Thirst_Consciousness.pdf
  8. Eisenberger & Lieberman, Why rejection hurts. Trends on Cog Sci, 200x, why rejection hurts.pdf
  9. animal csns ANIMAL WELFARE -BJB .rtf





Meeting planner (for future use)



When should we meet?

Who When I can meet
Jesse M-F, 8am-5pm
Chris Anytime after 2pm
Dana Saturday, 5pm
Pat Sunday, 4pm-8pm



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