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Baars et al publications (pdf downloads)

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BJB articles (with co-authors).


For related articles from other authors, see the Sci-Con REFERENCES, and the WebSeminar on www.consciousbrain.pbwiki.com.



Consciousness - introductions.



Closely related questions: Volition, Unconscious functions, Working Memory, Spontaneous Recall, Self, Animal Consciousness.


    Working memory. (With Stan Franklin)5. Baars & Franklin TICS 2003

    Volition and non-voluntary control. Volition- Ch7_CogTheoryCsns1988.pdf

    Memory and spontaneous recall. (With Stan Franklin and co-authors)

               BAARS for J Mace _ Involuntary Mems - Blackwell - BJB Uma Stan in press.pdf 

    Animal Consciousness (with David Edelman and Anil Seth)

               Baars, Subjective not just human.pdf

SethBaarsEdelman 17 criteria FOR TICS - MOVE TO MH? .pdf

                   animal csns ANIMAL WELFARE -BJB .rtf

Baars Platypus Dreams.pdf


The brain basis of conscious experience.


12. BaarsRamsoyLaureysTINS_2003.pdf





Modeling: Stan Franklin's LIDA and neural net models.


 5. Baars & Franklin TICS 2003

 4. Shanahan Baars for Cognition.pdf

Newman, Baars & Cho.pdf




History and debates.


Dalton-Baars Life Cycle.pdf

Double Life Skinner JCS.pdf

Baars-JCS Skinner reply.pdf

Baars on WegnerTICSApril1.doc

Baars Sci & Ayahuasca.doc


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