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Readings ... to get started


Our textbook is B.J. Baars (1997) In the Theater of Consciousness: The Workspace of the Mind. Here is the Amazon link.


 You can download a pdf file with the first two chapters here: Baars Theater book Ch 1-2.pdf.

 Chapters 3 and 4, in case you have not received the book --- (sorry, I don't have the figures from 1996...) Oxford Theater ch 3-4.doc


An overview of the viewpoint we will take in this course is here:   Baars_Theater_JCS1997.pdf





Lecture 1  Lect1_BK_F07.pdf


Audio Week 1:

Course Introduction. A_CsnsF07-IntroA.mp3   B_CsnsF07_IntroB.mp3

Phenomenology Lab 1. C_PhenomLab_1.mp3    D_PhenomLab_1.mp3


P-Lab 1 Phenomenology Lab 1 Meditation and Diary






LECTURE 2 ... Lect2_F07.pdf


P-Lab 2


Audio Week 2   Wk2_BJB.mp3



WEEK 3             Use the Checklist to stay organized: Week_3_checklist.rtf   


Lecture Week 3   Lect3_WebCourse_2007.pdf


P-Lab Week 3   Lect3_WebCourse_2007.pdf


Audio Week 3   week_3_bjb-cmg.mp3



WEEK 4   


Lecture Week 4   Week 4 Lect4.pdf


No P-Lab - See this week's lecture instead.


Audio Week 4. Week_4_bjb.mp3





Lecture Week 5. Lect_5_Baars2007_Context.pdf


P-Lab Week 5. P-Lab 5 - Creating context.pdf


Audio Week 5: mp3 file (larger) Wk5Aud 2.mp3


Audio Week 5: m4a file (smaller) Wk5Aud.m4a






Lecture Week 6. Lect6 - Baars & McGovern.doc


P-Lab Week 6. PLab6_Meaning&Twilight_States.pdf


Audio Week 6: mp3 file (larger)  P-Lab6_Meaning_Twilight.mp3


Audio Week 6: m4a file (smaller) P-Lab6_Meaning_Twilight.m4a






Lecture Week 7. Lect7_Baars_Volition_Nov07.pdf




Audio: PLEASE LISTEN TO THE LAST 10 minutes of last week's audio file.






Lecture Week 8. Lect8_McG_BJB2007.pdf


P-Lab and Audio: AudioWk8.m4a


mp3 format:  AudioWk8.mp3


AUTISM _ a classic article. Uta Frith. U Frith autism -TICS .pdf



For current news in consciousness science, see Science & Consciousness Review. Be sure to take a look at previous years (back to 2002) for a wide range of readable articles on important topics for this course.  SCR  


 (We are grateful for the SCR editors and web masters, especially Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Alice Kim, Virgil Griffith and Sidney D'Mello, for five years of dedicated work on SCR!)







Lecture Week 9. Self as the unconscious "framework" of experience. Lect 9-Self_Baars.pdf


P-Lab for Week 9. Marcel Proust waking up at night. P-Lab9 - Marcel Proust.pdf


No audio this week.








Lecture Week 10 --- Emotions and consciousness. Lect10_Emotions .pdf


P-Lab for Week 10:  Please exploring this brain image (on the inside surface of each hemisphere): ACC Social Pain Conflict Eisenberger TICS.jpg

                                                   The is the same location in a three-dimensional view of the brain: pain in brain PNAS.jpg



Readings:         1. Laughing rats and the evolution of joy (Panksepp)Panksepp_&_Burg_Laughter.pdf

                         2. Why rejection hurts.   (Eisenberger, TICS) why rejection hurts.pdf

                         3. New love (NY Times, 2005) NY Times - Watching new love. May31 2005.pdf



No audio this week.









Lecture Week 11  Lect11_Functions_2007.pdf


P-Lab for Week 11 - see the audio file for this week.


Audio file for this week: Lecture 11_bjb_audio.m4a


mp3 file: Lecture 11_bjb_audio.mp3


Additional readings and other goodies:


High intensity gamma synchrony in advanced meditators:


    Lutz 2004 Long term meditators.pdf


Increased theta and gamma sychrony in music:


Music- temporal entrainment of cog fns - Annals NY Acad Sci200x.pdf


Brain regions - (Brodmann areas) Bear et al Brodmann map.tiff


Simpsons wave goodbye... cartoon-simpsons-extended.jpg

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